This module discusses the importance of preparation and support of EL activities. The resources prompt you to consider what needs to be in place to set the experience up to be successful and meaningful for everyone involved.

This module has been designed for all audiences.

What supports and resources do learners need?

Examples and Artifacts

list Preparing students
This document lists some best practices for preparing students for EL, from the basics of work-world readiness to deeper levels of preparation, including awareness of power and privilege, as well as beginning the reflective practice prior to the experience.

table Resources to support EL learners
Preparing students can be complex. This document details resources that are nice to have vs. need to have, resources that might be beneficial to a student who has had an international experience, and resources that might be beneficial to a student who has an accommodation.

External Links

link Foundations of Community Engagement
Foundations of Community Engagement is a series of modules designed by Western University to build students’ core skills and knowledge related to central principles of community engagement, including Models of Community Engagement, Deconstructing Power and Privilege, and Building Effective Community. Partnerships.

link Work Integrated Learning Open Module Initiative
Developed by Niagara College, Georgian College, and Algonquin College, this comprehensive set of open access, learner-centred modules supports Work Integrated Learning preparedness among post-secondary students.

What supports and resources do community partners need?

Examples and Artifacts

process Process for designing EL activities
The presentation below provides a quick summary of the general steps involved in designing an EL activity.

table Community partnerships
It is essential that details of the EL activity be fully flushed out in terms of the what the student will do, where the EL will take place, etc. This document includes considerations for before, during, and after the EL activity.

checklist Employer’s guide to managing a co-op assignment
It is essential that details of the EL activity to be fully flushed out in terms of the details of what the student will do, where it will take place and all the details. This document includes considerations and checklists for before, during and after the EL activity.

External Resources

link Bridge to Success
Created as a collaboration between Brock University's Career Education and the Student Wellness and Accessibility Centre, the Bridge to Success initiative assists students with disabilities in navigating, understanding and maximizing career and employment prospects.

link Gender, Power, Leadership and the Workplace
This open course focuses primarily on contemporary discourses concerning gender inequality. Most of the readings assigned will be recent articles published in U.S. and British media capturing the latest thinking and research on gender inequality in the workplace.

link Making Ontario Workplaces Accessible to People With Disabilities
The Conference Board of Canada has developed resources to help Ontario employers comply with the Accessibility Standard for Employment. These resources will also be helpful to organizations in other jurisdictions who aspire to become accessible and inclusive for people with disabilities.

How can I help make EL meaningful for my students?

Examples and Artifacts

list Managing expectations
Clearly articulating expectations can help clarify and keep the student on-track. This document includes information and best practices.

template Student learning plan template
Student Learning Plans are used with much success in higher education to help individuals map the attainment of desired knowledge, value, and skills. Use and adapt this template to suit the needs of your learning context.

template Team contract and confidentiality agreement template
To prepare students for a group-based EL experience, it is helpful for them go through the exercise of creating a team contract. This document includes rationale, as well as templates.

External Resources

link Facilitation and Enhancement: Considerations for Instructors
This website from the University of Hong Kong is a helpful resource for facilitating and enhancing EL opportunities, and includes helpful examples of reflective prompts for students.

Planning and development worksheet

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